Nnintraperitoneal injection in mice pdf

Im injections are administered in the thigh muscles of the hind limb. This will cause the mouse to grasp the surface with all four paws and pull forward. As expected, the intraperitoneal drug concentration was much higher approximately 100. Thiel college institutional animal care and utilization committee.

The intramuscular administration is not recommended, as the muscle of the mouse is too small. If there is negative pressure, proceed with the injection. All animal users performing ip injections in rodents must. The laboratory mouse handbook of experimental animals usp. Pdf intraperitoneal injection is a common technique that safely delivers a substance into the peritoneal cavity but can induce high stress in animals find, read and cite all the research. Some sites, such as footpad injection of freunds complete adjuvant, intrasplenic injection and intra lymph node injection. The laboratory mouse handbook of experimental animals. Pdf evaluation of a novel technique for intraperitoneal. Unlimited viewing of the articlechapter pdf and any associated supplements and figures. Routine dosing in rodents university of south florida. The intramuscular administration is not recommended. Intraperitoneal ip injection in rats and mice sop animal care.

Skin from nape of neck to lower back is incorporated. The retroorbital injection is an acceptable alternative to the tail vein injection route, if technicians receive proper training. Not all techniques are appropriate for each species. Intraperitoneal ip injections should be made into the animals right abdominal quadrant so as to avoid penetrating the cecum on the left side. Miner, jacqueline koehler, and laura greenaway department of infectious diseases, human research and development laboratories, dow chemical company, indianapolis, indiana 46077. Intraperitoneal ip injection in rats and mice sop page 4 of 6 mouse rat 6. Manual restraint and common compound administration. Do not grasp mice by the tip of the tail, especially if. Considering the risks and safety of intraperitoneal injections. The needle is inserted between the folds of skin into the.

Procedure summary and goal describes procedure for the administration of fluids or compounds into the abdominal cavity. Good practice administration routes and volumes for mice. The most accessible vessels for intravenous administration in rodents are veins that run the length of both lateral aspects of the tail. Pull back on the plunger to ensure negative pressure prior to injecting. Lateral tail vein injection in mice and rats ucsf iacuc. Pharmacokinetic advantage of intraperitoneal injection of. The november 2016 issue of lab animal included an article by baek and colleagues 1 describing a novel technique for handling mice.

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