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Inner sanctum continues nathan and sams story which began in double indemnity and opens up a new investigation after a series of arson attacks in stonebridge. It is the first album by the band to feature drummer nigel glockler since 1997s unleash the beast. A total of 527 episodes were produced, but a majority are presumed to be lost. Ive got you babe lucky dube from abc archives, triple j live 1992. Inner sanctum mysteries inner sanctum mysteries, vol. After a gangster kills an old rival, he has his face altered by a plastic surgeon, whom he in turn murders to silence him. What type of a rich man are you who doesnt care about the poor people what type of a rich man are you who doesnt. Lucky dubes appearance on reggae strong in 1989, marked the television debut of the late, great, south african superstar in the us. It has what sounds like raymond introducing the show with his usual black humour, and it stars william conrad, with a supporting cast of william conrad. There was, in fact, an episode entitled the snowwhite scarf from 1951, but this is not that episode its a recording of the sixties south. The murder at midnight version has a more complete script which fills in gaps in the story line and makes the ending more intelligible, but the acting is much better paced in the inner sanctum version due to the shorter script.

Watch the inner sanctum episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. This collection of inner sanctum mysteries shows features 170 shows on 2 compact discs. This time on strange tales, inner sanctum shares a story titled, the vengeful corpse. Putnam august 3, 1941 inner sanctum, the telltale heart. The inner sanctum episodes that were also mystery playhouse episodes would have the inner sanctum intro by raymond or the host.

I have come across an mp3 file labelled up as an inner sanctum episode called the waxwork. What a pity that less than 1 5 of the 535 original episodes are known to have survived. Thokozani dube versucht, mit dem tod seines vaters fertig zu werden. The door sound was actually made by a rusty desk chair. Monstrously mischievous masters raymond edward johnson and paul mcgrath lead you through the creaking door for stories of twists and turns and were not just talking about the knots youll find in your stomach. Universal has reached deep into its horror vaults to assemble inner sanctum mysteries. D lucky dube release me lucky dube release me lyrics you don t have to come with me down this road cause i know my way around here very well it may. Inner sanctum mysteries 170 shows old time radio in mp3.

The old time radio researchers group is licensed under cc byncnd 3. Unlike other horror series during that time, the show had this tongueincheek style which were adapted by other radio programs such as quiet please and the mysterious traveller. Hyman browns producingdirecting of the show, that used the opening sound effects of the creaking door,that was actually in the basemnent to the network, was a stroke of genius. January 7, 1941 inner sanctum, the amazing death of mrs. Inner sanctum remains popular with old and new listeners to this day. Born in transvaal in 1964, lucky dube, africas reggae king, was passionate about history before he was bitten by the reggae bug. Grams, 2002, 1 inner sanctum was inducted into the national radio hall of fame in 1988. Lucky dube murderers get life in prison three men have been sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering south african reggae star lucky dube in 2007, sapa news agency reported on thursday.

Inner sanctum 1948 film noir part 12 video dailymotion. A blind beggar becomes instrumental as an eyewitness in defending a drifter who has been accused of murder. Inner sanctum is one of the best horror and mystery shows in the history of old time radio cheery lipton tea spokesperson mary bennet and lew whites organ join the inner sanctum to make the show more fun a memorable. Released between 1943 and 1945, the program pictures were an offshoot of a popular radio series of strange tales. Here it is, monday night, and i am listening to an episode of inner sanctum, just like i did way back in 1949 when i was the tender age of six, listening to the radio with my older sister in the other bed, telling me to turn it off. Below is a list of episodes and the original airdates. Meanwhile, walters gettin up morning and gus pint of plain. And few did it as well as the inner sanctum mysteries, produced by himan brown.

On the trail of my father lucky dube documentary youtube. The inner sanctum online using any of the 3 radio players below. And, the addition of raymond as the host sealed the deal. Inner sanctum is one of the best horror and mystery shows in the history of old time radio. A man fails in an attempt to murder his wife but in the process becomes involved in a different murder. A woman calling the police is shot while shes on the phone. Recap of lucifer season 3 episode 1 airing oct 2, 2017. The programs familiar and famed audio trademark was the eerie creaking door which opened and closed the broadcasts.

Though i think double indemnity has a slight edge on this sequel, i still enjoyed maggie kavanaghs writing, the strong personalities she creates, and particularly her new characters. The majority of the original episodes are thought to be lost. What type of a rich man are you who doesnt care about the poor people what type of a rich man are you who doesnt care for the helpless people what type of a. Dec 28, 2017 inner sanctum 1948 charles russell, mary beth hughes. Theyre reading the bible and understand what it says. For the first four years, raymond greeted guests after an incredibly squeaky door slowly opened at the beginning of each show.

With paul mcgrath, ralph bell, walter brooke, jean carson. The program did originally intend to use a door, but on its first use, the. Inner sanctum mystery is a radio drama that originally aired on the blue network between january 7, 1941 and october 5, 1952. It takes a million people to build up a good reputation but it takes one stupid fool to destroy everything they done the world knows your people as. The same year, the clash started mixing punk and reggae rhythms together and they.

Now shes wheelchairbound, and her husband, who indeed doesnt love her and is having an affair, hires a private nurse to look after his wife. We offer 3 different ways for you to listen to our old time radio shows so that no matter what device you are using pc, laptop, android phone, iphone, ipad, kindle, tablet, etc. Apr 02, 2009 lucky dube murderers get life in prison three men have been sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering south african reggae star lucky dube in 2007, sapa news agency reported on thursday. The inner sanctum series was one of the most unique ever created in the early days of otr. Inner sanctum 1948 charles russell, mary beth hughes. Originally broadcast on sunday nights over the blue networkabc, just late enough to give you nightmares before starting school or work on monday, the show moved to cbs in fall 1943. Episodes of the inner sanctum mysteries radio program. Inner sanctum mysteries was a popular oldtime radio program that aired from january 7, 1941 to october 5, 1952. Inner sanctum mysteries 170 shows old time radio in.

In the series finale, gus draws on past experience to deal with a present threat, and ace is floored by a surprise visitor. The tongueincheek introductions were in sharp contrast to shows like suspense and the whistler. The the inner sanctum episode guide includes recaps for every episode from every season and a full list of where you can watch episodes online instantly. A blind beggar becomes the defense witness of a drifter indicted on murder charges. Subscribe to our youtube channel for more classic radio shows. The importance of reggae music in the worldwide cultural universe. Well hear their story from june 23, 1947, over my dead. Watch the inner sanctum season 1, episode 39 blind luck. The cds are labeled and provided in highly protective jewel cases. Himan brown got the idea from a door in the basement that squeaked like hell. Regarding inner sanctum, the episode floating about on mp3s entitled the snowwhite scarf is really an episode from a south african radio program circa 196668 entitled the creaking door. The nurse begins to suspect that she was hired because. Raymond edward johnson was the voice that personified inner sanctum mysteries inner sanctum mysteries was a horror anthology series with a unique sound and a very popular host. Hosted by raymond johnson, the show featured stories of horror, thriller, and mystery.

Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of the inner sanctum with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at. In my world theres no trouble in my world theres no worries let me welcome you to the kingdom of the children little ones rich man thought about it said, i have everything but still im not happy maybe if i change and live my life like a child ill be happy yeah he said cause they don t have no politics they dont care about being rich they. Thousands of enthusiastic spectators have filled the football stadium in monrovia to applaud the south african reggae star lucky dube. Color blind formula, the 191945 desert death 1231945 death is an artist 261945 death in. Each inner sanctum opening episode with a creaking door and campy tongue in cheek humor with your host raymond edward johnson. Inner sanctum mysteries single episodes audio book. With paul mcgrath, alan devitt, peg hillias, jack klugman.

The twist is, after the bandages are removed, he finds he has the face and slowly, the personality of the dead rival. Its hostnarrator was paul mcgrath guest stars included kim stanley, jack klugman, beatrice straight, jack warden. What type of a rich man are you who doesnt care about the poor people. The complete movie collection, a twodisc set containing all six of the forgotten series titles. With tanya roberts, margaux hemingway, joseph bottoms, valerie wildman. Perhaps reflecting lucky dubes own studiousness, the rough guide to lucky dube comes with exemplarily informative liner notes. The time that was used by the commercials would be used for the intro by someone like sergeant x. Most episodes were a combination of death, horror and a bit of comedy. Thou shall see me not in agony failure was and is no option tis my undying self. Created by himan brown, the anthology series featured stories of mystery, terror, and suspense. His name is jackson, he lives in jamaica every mornin he comes down to the docks to watch the ships come and go hes been here too long men. Lucky dube the hand that giveth lyrics genius lyrics.

There are many hours of entertaining inner sanctum mysteries programs. Thirtynine episodes aired on the national broadcasting company in 1954. Perhaps reflecting lucky dube s own studiousness, the rough guide to lucky dube comes with exemplarily informative liner notes. A hearse driver is drawn into a plot by a beautiful blonde to haul away a man shes murdered, and take the body to a cemetery. He then complains about his day as he struggles to get into the passenger seat, initially forgetting to retract his wings. Inner sanctum official youtube page of the multi award winning death metal band from india. Inner sanctum mysteries thriller old time radio downloads. Amazing death of mrs putnam inner sanctum mysteries. The inner sanctum was a horror anthology that first aired on nbc in 1941, and later, on cbs. A woman attempts suicide when she suspects her husband doesnt love her and is having an affair.

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