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Originally intended for home use, the pianet was created by hohners visionary designer, ernst zacharias, also the inventor of the clavinet. The key action and velocity response are light and sort of spongey, and it doesnt have the fullness of a rhodes or wurly but makes up for it with the. Seu designer foi ernst zacharias, com mecanismo baseado em um design dos anos 1920 por lloyd loar. Download manuals ep service electric piano services.

Audio plugins for all operating systems windows, mac os x, linux, ios and android, tagged as hohner pianet t. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. The pianet employs foam and leather pads which stick to the tines. Im pretty sure the guy in the chicago video is playing a hohner pianet, probably model n not a clavinet. This variation of the pianet does not come with legs. Mounting the pianet ns orgaphon amplifier cp hohner pianet n. The kurzweil classic keys rom has samples of the hohner pianet plus the rmi and various others. Mar 12, 2017 mounting the pianet ns orgaphon amplifier cp posted on march 12, 2017 by diymusician having never had the pianet legs, i wanted to find a table that matched the aesthetic of the keyboard.

Hohner pianet n original vintage 1960s electric studio use only, good condition. Each set features a number of fully tweakable sounds which can be edited, blended together and given the. A quick note about the vibrato circuit in the pianet n. With just sixty keys and a cabinet thats only 3 12 inches tall, at just over 42 pounds, its weight is quite surprising. The hohner pianet m was one of the final models that came out and thats when they changed the pads on the inside from foam to rubber so they would last longer and be better. Pianetclavinet duo musical instrument pdf manual download. Hohner pianetclavinet duo instruction manual pdf download. A series of different versions were in production from the early 1960s to the early 1980s.

The clavinet duo model combined a clavinet with the hohner pianet t in one compact albeit heavy instrument. Nov 29, 2017 modartt releases hohner pianet n for pianoteq. Some of these may be wrong if you have documentary evidence for any of them not just i think it sounds like a. Instrumente in eine samplebibliothek zu portieren, ist ein ziemlicher aufwand.

Unfollow hohner pianet t to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. It hasnt been played in forever and has just been sitting in an attic for probably decades. It is a german manufactured 19771982 electromechanical piano it is a metal reed type piano and is made by hohner. The electromechanical piano pianet n appeared in 1965 and quickly gained popularity among many pop and rock groups at the time. It has tapered rectangular crosssection legs forming an inverted v that mount to the ends of the case and are secured by a large, threaded knob. The designer of the early pianet models was ernst zacharias, basing the mechanism closely on a 1920s design by lloyd loar. The pianet a perfectly captured hohner model n pianet is a classic electromechanical piano which used an array of metal reeds plucked by foam pads impregnated with adhesive to produce its sound. Com the hohner clavinet and hohner pianet resource.

The pianets tone is generated by metal reeds which vibrate in the presence of simple magnetic pickups. It used reeds to produce sound, much like the wurlitzer. While my vibrato works well knocks on wood with the original bulb, i wanted to find some spares should i ever need them. We recently found this lovely electric piano from the 60s in our vault which weve already sampled many years ago with an old akai sampler and paired it with our akg bx10 reverb for kontakt. The hohner pianet this is the t variant acquired the reputation of being a poor mans rhodes, but a wellmaintained instrument can sound very good. Jul 12, 2011 hohner pianet t demo mercy, mercy, mercy duration.

The pianet used accordion reeds that were plucked with adhesive pads, it was slightly velocity sensitive but like the clavinet it did not feature a sustain mechanism. The reeds are mounted to a steel bar fully 38 of an inch thick which is also welded to another 14 inch steel bar. The pianet t was manufactured by hohner from 1977 to the early 1980s. Hohner pianet n demo by shinichiro sudo copyright 20102012 organ69 all rights reserved. It has a sound somewhere between the smoothness andor the bark of other top.

Pianets were in production from the early 1960s to the early 1980s. All sounds were carefully sampled from the source instrument, a hohner pianet t, using three techniques. I could be wrong, though last edited by spiritworks. More information order hohner pianet t reed screw and washer. Hohner combo pianet 720526 general servicing instructions pdf. Very close miced for acoustic harmonics and dissonance, muted with a finger placed delicately on each tine for a thumb piano feel, and through high quality preamps.

These are electromechanical pianos, manufactured by hohner from the early sixties until the early eighties. Hohner pianet n schematic 01 hohner pianet n schematic 02. Eliminate static noise in the pianet n with copper shielding tape. It is an option on the pc2 and pc1 series, probably included in the k2500 series but dont know for sure. Celebrating our 20th year in business new clavinet hammer tips, new pianet t sticky pads and much more. This video is a great resource to have to tune your pianet correctly.

Hohner pianet used in dutch pop music home facebook. The signature sound of the hohner pianet n was heard in the beatles i am the walrus, summer in the city by the lovin spoonful, and in many other hits of the 1960s. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a widespanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. Hohner pianet n for sale vintage 60s electromechanical piano. View and download hohner pianetclavinet duo instruction manual online. There is a preset called these eyes, specifically emulating the guess who, and another one black friday after steely dan. A brief list of famous bands and artists who have used particular electric pianos, and the names of some wellknown recordings where you can hear them being used. Hohner pianet n electric piano, gritty rhodes wurlitzer sound deisha oliver.

Mine is a little more humble than a rhodes or wurly. Wurlitzer wurlitzer 200 series trouble shooting wurlitzer model 112 service manual. Its a less sophisticated instrument than either of those, but has its own sound and is a lot of fun to play. The closest ive come was in college when i took music for early childhood. The beatles, lovin spoonful, roxy music, king crimson, tony banks, christine mcvie.

List of electric piano products from manufacturer hohner. Completely restored 1962 i believe hohner pianet n. Feb 28, 2017 completely restored 1962 i believe hohner pianet n. Combo pianet 720526 musical instrument pdf manual download. Purchase authentic hohner clavinet parts from vintage vibe your one stop shop for all your electric piano needs. The pianet was a series of electric pianos built by the hohner company of trossingen, west germany from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Description this video shows focuses on tuning, voicing and addressing with common problems. I really enjoyed going to the piano lab and preparing for the piano test. Hohner has released a series of videos that enable you, the player, to maintain and repair your harmonicas to your personal needs 7. The hohner pianet was one of most popular electric keyboards in the 60s and has an instantly recognizable sound that blended well with electric guitars without drowning.

At the time, a costeffective substitute for a rhodes. The hohner pianet t was an electric piano manufactured between 1977 and 1982. Electric pianos fender rhodes, wurlitzer, hohner pianet. The pianet is best seen as a variation of, rather than a replacement for, the earlier cembalet. Oct 02, 2015 the hohner collection for pianoteq consists in four famous hohner keyboard instruments. Mounting the pianet ns orgaphon amplifier cp posted on march 12, 2017 by diymusician having never had the pianet legs, i wanted to find.

The real feel of the classic pianet t in just 35mb. Approximate manufacturing span 19651968 the pianet n has a case profile with a taper towards the front. This physically modelled instrument joins the pianet t, electrapiano and clavinet d6 as part of the hohner collection, authorized by hohner. Modartt releases hohner pianet n for pianoteq keyboardmag. Uvi key suite electric the essential electric keys collection. The hohner pianet m, an electromechanical piano build in germany in the 1970s.

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